Terms and Conditions for Experiential Anatomy Modules

What can I expect from the course?

The course is an advanced study course in anatomy

How much does it cost?

The modules cost about £21 per nominal week but if you are a current student of SEED either from having previously studied at least two of the Experiential Anatomy Modules or being part of the Postgraduate Diploma or Teacher's training programmes then you may be given a discount. See the terms for those courses for more details.

Who do I write the cheque to?

The School for Experiential Education or you can pay online through the website

What happens if I want to cancel?

We will return half your paid fee if you cancel before the module starts.

If you want to cancel after the course starts for another reason then we will listen to your reasons and, at our sole discretion, give a refund if we feel it is appropriate. We are under no obligation to refund any course fees but will do so, without prejudice, in a way we feel is fair to the circumstances.

Does the course count for Shiatsu Society CPD hours?


What qualification do I get from the courses?

You will get a certificate of completion. If you take at least Modules 1-5 then you may apply to take an online examination. If you pass this you will get a Diploma in Experiential Anatomy from SEED. We are in the process of getting this qualification validated by various bodies.

Complaints and Feedback

If you have a complaint or any feedback about the course, the course tutors, the mentors or the venues then you can at any time fill out our feedback form on Feedback Form or write to course_feedback@seed.org or write to SEED at the address on the footer of this page. We promise to take your feedback seriously and to follow up any complaint with a discussion with you. Our teachers and mentors are very careful to always make clear what is expected of you and to gain your agreement before putting it into practice. If you feel that they have been negligent in this or any other matter then we will, in addition to discussing the matter with you and if your complaint seems to be a real breach of our code of conduct, suggest methods of reparation and of future change to our conduct to satisfy you.

Changes to these Terms

We affirm the right to change these terms and conditions a any time. However ,if you have paid deposits or fees on the basis of these terms then the terms as published on the date of your last payment or agreement will hold for the purpose of any legal contract between you and the School for Experiential Education unless you agree in writing or by electronic confirmation to the proposed changes.

If you are unclear about these terms, or need to ask any other question, please fill out the following form or write or phone SEED at the address on the foot of this page:

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