How do Discounts Work
The way it works is that if you decide you want to do several modules then, as you take more and more modules, you get an increasing discount.

The discount is taken off the price of future modules and is retro-active - so it works out the same as if you had block booked at the beginning with the final discount level.

If you book on the first module and the second one - you will pay full price for those, but if in the future you trigger a discount then it will take into account those modules you have paid full price for and will take off an extra amount to effectively bring the price of those down too.

This means that you can pay module by module but still receive discounts as if you had paid for everything at once.

If you are a student on the Postgraduate Diploma in Movement Shiatsu or the Experiential Teacher Training course, then the first module is free for you and the second module is half price. Thereafter, you get the same discount as everyone else.

Standard discounts are:
Taking more than 2 modules5% discount
Taking more than 5 modules10% discount
Taking more than 10 modules20% discount

If you take all of the modules then this schedule means that you pay the following, module by module:

Module Full PriceDiscounted Price DiscountComment
1 105105 0No discount
2 105105 0No discount
3 140122.5 17.5 This also subtracts a 5% discount on the first two modules
4 10599.75 5.25 5%
5 10599.75 5.25 5%
6 10566.5 38.5 This also subtracts a 10% discount on the first 5 modules
7 140126 14 10%
8 10594.5 10.5 10%
9 10594.5 10.5 10%
10 10594.5 10.5 10%
11 1400 140You get the 11th module free. By chance, this makes it as though modules 1-11 all had a 20% discount
12 10584 21 20%